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Our fitness watches can track every minute and mile of your training and let you relive it, replay it and share it at our online community, Garmin Connect™. Visit your local specialty running store to find the Forerunner® that fits. Then get set for a good time on race day.

Garmin was the first to bring GPS wizardry to runners’ wrists in our Forerunner® series. For athletes around the world, Garmin fitness technology has revolutionized their training. Forerunner gives you the freedom to run anywhere and get extremely accurate distance and pace data. Our lineup includes everything from easy-to-use sport watches to advanced GPS-enabled trainers with options for heart rate, multiple sport modes, indoor/outdoor training, interval workouts and more.

Once your workout’s done, upload your run to our free online community, Garmin Connect™ to create training goals and analyze, store and share your activities with your friends. You’ll even see your route on a map (if using a GPS-enabled watch) and view your splits, elevation and more. Watches with wireless uploads can even send your data to Garmin Connect when your workout’s done and you’re in range of your computer. Garmin Connect is compatible with Macs and PCs.

Find out what Garmin brings to the training of elite athletes

like Josh Cox, ultra runner and U.S. 50k record-holder, and Deena Kastor, American marathon record holder. Josh and Deena use devices like the Forerunner 210 and 410 to record and analyze their training and easily share the data with their coaches.

“As a professional athlete, we’re always analyzing data,” said Josh. “Runners look at time and distance – the analysis ends there. Garmin has changed all that. Now, with Garmin’s tools, my coach and I look at elevation gained and lost, the corresponding pace, heart rate, route, and of course, the splits.”

“Using a Garmin for your training is the best thing your can do for your sport,” said Deena. “I even use Garmin Connect to explore new routes when I’m traveling so I can get off the beaten path.”