Jan 18 2015
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10 Years Running: Mike Houk

10 year runner, Mike Houk returns each year in seek of revenge… on a banana?

10 Year Runner: Mike Houk

“In January 2004 I ran the inaugural P.F.Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona half marathon. Around mile 10, the Chiquita banana passed me. I was aghast. I figured, what a joke! Well, the joke was on me as I never saw him again. I have been running the event every year since, looking for revenge on that yellow-bellied fruit. Needless to say, I’m still looking looking.”

- Mike Houk, 10 Year Runner

Well Mike, perhaps the banana’s speed and endurance are the result of high potassium levels. We wish you luck in your quest! Hopefully the banana doesn’t split again!

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