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Stay Cool on Race Day

The Sports Medicine Team wants you to have a great, safe and healthy race. PLEASE fill out the Medical Information on the back of your race bib

  • Do not push yourself. Run at a comfortable pace and ease up if you feel warm.
  • Eat salted foods. Add a salt pack to a cup of fluid and drink it at the Start and another half way through the race. Salt packets will be available at the start and can be found on course at water station 4 (mile 6.8) and at each of the medical stations.
  • Don’t over-drink. Drink when you are thirsty and no more.
  • Use cold towels at the medical stations along the course and finish festival as well as in the secure zone at the finish line.
    • Course stations – Mile 3.4, 7.5 and 12.2
    • Three finish line festival locations – finish line, Main medical and next to the Michelob Ultra Beer Garden
  • If you are warm and don’t feel right, stop at a medical station to get checked out.

In the event temperatures rise above a safe degree to run in, tail vehicles will be in place to transport participants to the finish. 

Rock On!

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Sports Medicine Team