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Have you tried SUNOLOGY®? A Sunscreen for Skin That Prefers No Chemical Sunscreens

Sunology is the ideal choice for endurance sport participants who want a natural sunscreen. It contains no chemicals in the Active Ingredients or preservatives in the formulation. The sunscreen contains no water — only ahealthy oil base — and is ideal for bikers, swimmers and runners.

The inactive ingredients contain high level of vitamins and antioxidants which nourish the skin. The highly concentrated formula is 100% biodegradable. Only a dime-sized portion is required to cover face, neck and arms.

Sunology is a broad spectrum sunscreen, reflecting both harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. UV MicroReflexion™ technology mirrors back the UV rays from the skin’s surface, preventing absorption into the skin, unlike other chemical sunscreens. Sunology is healthy and effective — against the sun’s harmful rays – containing natural ingredients.