May 31 2015
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Let’s be honest. Sometimes it just feels good to be a little goofy no matter how old we happen to be. If you’re in college, a college ‘student’ on the 10-year-to-life ultimate dorm -party plan or a college professor, to relieve the stress that sometimes sneaks up on all of us is definitely a good thing to do. Running, of course, is an awesome stress reliever. Running a race dressed up as Elvis? Besides zapping stress back to the dark ages, it will be the absolute best day of your life.

Register for Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego using online code: RUNELVIS and run dressed up as Elvis on June 2.
Why you ask? You get to experience these rockin’ Elvis-exclusive race weekend perks:

  • Elvis-themed Pep Rally at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fitness Expo with The Marathon Show’s, Joe Taricani
  • Elvis Lounge at the Rock at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Fitness Expo
  • Race Day Elvis photo op! Pose front and center on the starting line with fellow Elvi
  • Post race party at Titled Kilt- The Official Elvis After Party Headquarters


When you do make the decision to pull on that magical white jumpsuit and wig, grab your inflatable guitar and actually run as Elvis:

  • You are automatically the world’s biggest star. No rehearsals and no playing small time clubs. Nope. Everyone from age 5 to 95 knows ‘The King’ by sight and will be cheering your every move.
  • You will understand what real celebrities go through dealing with the paparazzi. Every time you turn around someone will be pointing a camera in your direction. How cool is that? Other runners will actually run backwards in front of you in hopes of capturing your really hip image on their point-and-shoot cameras for posterity.
  • Time becomes irrelevant. In fact, who wants to finish fast when you can have more fun running your slowest race ever?
  • You can run as either a thin or chubby Elvis. If you are skinny, you can be the young Elvis. If you are in the muffin-top Hall of Fame, you’re the middle-aged Elvis. No matter what your size, sex or heritage, you too can be King for a Day.
  • The miles will fly by so fast you won’t believe it. Between ‘thank you, thank you very much,’ and a few verses of Jail House Rock and Return to Sender, by the end of the race your voice will be more worn out than your legs.
  • You will bond for life with the folks dressed up as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Idiot Guy and all of the other Running Superheroes.
  • You will actually start to look forward to wearing white Lycra in public and won’t quite understand why anyone would wear just a running top and shorts any longer. How dull can one person get?
  • You are totally incognito and unrecognizable—all dressed head-to-toe in white Lycra. You might as well be in witness protection. If you sing lousy and dance even worse? Bring out your inner Elvis and go for it!
  • You’ll know you’re really hooked when your need-to-bring list on race morning includes not only BODYGLIDE®, shorts, heart-rate monitor and running shoes but also a sequined cape, pompadour and really large gold-rimmed sunglasses.







Need a costume? We’ve got your gal! Visit or contact Misty Johnson at for your customed Running Elvis or Elvette Costume!

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Schedule of Events

May 29-30, 2015

Health & Fitness Expo

San Diego Convention Center, Halls G-H
Friday, May 29: 11am – 7pm
Saturday, May 30: 9am – 5pm
Expo Details

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

Marathon Wheelchair Start Time: 6:10am
Marathon Start Time: 6:15am
Half Marathon & Relay Start Time: 6:45am
Event Details