Oct 19 2014
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Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Bike Tour

The Bike Tour is back!  The Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon & ½ Marathon will once again offer a bike tour as part of the race weekend lineup in 2014!  The non-timed Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Bike Tour will cover nearly 22 miles of the marathon course and take place prior to the full and half marathon on Sunday, October 19. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tour Denver on closed streets before the big race.

Participant Perks:
Limited to: 1000 cyclists

Bike Tour Fees*

  • $65 (through 4/30/14)
  • $70 (5/1/14 – 5/31/14)
  • $75 (6/1/14 – 6/30/14)
  • $80 (7/1/14 – 7/31/14)
  • $85 (8/1/14 – 8/31/14)
  • $90 (9/1/14 – 10/12/14)
  • Unique opportunity to ride the streets of Denver before the race
  • 22-mile bike ride of the existing marathon course
  • Official Participant T-shirt
  • Gear Bag
  • Official Finisher’s Medal – Coming Soon!
  • Entertainment on the Course – Coming Soon!
  • Finish Line Festival with one FREE beer courtesy of Michelob Ultra**

Registration Notes:

  • *Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Fees listed above do not include the RaceIt processing fee. There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION.
  • If you have registered for the full or half marathon and now want to participate in the bike tour, you will have to register for the bike tour separately. You will not receive a refund for the full/half marathon.
  • Registration is only available online, and closes Sunday, October 12, 2014 (11:59 pm PST) or earlier upon sell out.
  • **Important note: State law requires your photo ID to be checked on race day, even if you’re 99! Plan ahead and have your photo ID with you.

Race Day Schedule:*

  • Date: Sunday, October 19, 2014
  • Time:  6:45 am – Bike Tour Start (7:15 am - Marathon, half marathon & Relay Wave Start)
  • Location:  Civic Center Park-  Start: Broadway and Colfax Ave./ Finish: Bannock St. and 14thAve.

*Subject to change.

Course Details

Event Details

  • The age minimum for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Bike Tour is 12 years old.
  • Bike tour is non-timed and non-competitive: Top speed limited to 20 MPH (3 minute miles).
  • Minimum speed is 10 MPH (6 minute miles)
  • On course technical support
  • No fixed-gear bikes (brakes required)
  • Single-rider bikes only
  • No trailers, tandems, tricycles or training wheels
  • Helmets required
  • Self supported ride – bring your own water bottle and snacks (no sag stops). Refreshments will be provided at finish line.
  • Post-race bike check will be made available at finish line
  • Registrants may only participate in ONE Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver event on race day.
  • GEAR CHECK WILL NOT BE PROVIDED TO BIKE TOUR PARTICIPANTS. Instead, Bike Tour participants are encouraged to carry their own gear bags with them during their ride.

Health & Fitness Expo:

Go Green!  Avoid expo traffic and parking fees by riding your bike to the expo on Friday or Saturday.  A complimentary and secure Bike Valet service will be offered outside of the Colorado Convention Center for cyclists to check their bike before entering the expo.  Located in the NE corner of the convention center property at 14th & Welton next to the B-Cycle stand.

Finish Line Bike Valet:
Hours: 5:30am – 2pm

Bike Denver will provide a secure and complimentary Bike Valet service for cyclists to park their bike and walk to the Finish Festival/Family Reunion after their ride. The Bike Tour Valet will be available just outside of the Bike Tour Secure Zone exit.


Race Day Finish Line:

On race day Campus Cycles will provide a secure and complimentary Bike Valet service for cyclists to park their bike and walk to the Finish Festival/Family Reunion after their ride.  The Bike Tour Valet will be available just outside of the Bike Tour Secure Zone exit.

Event Rules

 Please read these ride rules and recommendations very carefully for a safe and enjoyable event.

Please remember that this event is a non-timed, non-scored fun fitness ride on the marathon run course.  Please be extra careful and considerate of your fellow riders.

  • All Entrants must line up in the “official” start line area- Entrants may not start in front of this area or “jump into” the ride along the course.
  • All Entrants must properly enter the Start lineup, and may not cut in line, climb over barricades, or in any other way improperly enter the Start area;
  • All Entrants must wear an approved helmet (CPSC certified);
  • All Entrants must obey Police, Bike Patrol or other Event Officials including not passing the lead police or official lead cyclists.
  • No Entrant may ride with, or receive support from, unregistered cyclists (bandits);
  • No entrant may utilize a motorized or power-assisted bicycle nor may a bicycle have such devices attached. All bicycles must be powered solely by human force.
  • All Entrants should cycle the complete official route, as described on the official route map, unless they are forced to leave the course due to mechanical issues or because they have fallen behind the official timeline. All Entrants must stay behind, and not pass, the lead vehicle;
  • All Entrants must wear their rider numbers, which must be easily visible;
  • Headsets covering or blocking both ears are prohibited, i.e., no iPods or other MP3 players or headphones/earbuds;
  • Aero-type and other similar auxiliary handlebars are prohibited; this includes “tri-bikes” with otherwise unremovable aerobars.
  • All Entrants must start the Event before the last official vehicle (trail vehicle) has left the start line. Because the runners are starting behind you, no late cyclists will be allowed on the course.
  • Cyclists should bring their own filled water bottles and any snacks or food. Due to the relatively short distance of the ride and the time schedule for the morning, there are no “SAG” stops or rest stops providing fluids or food. Note that you will ride by water stations but these are set up for the runners who will be right behind the cyclists.
  • Team tactics that endanger, or impede the progress of, any other cyclists, such as blocking, are prohibited;
  • All Entrants must show courteous behavior to Volunteers, Event Officials, and Police, and obey their instructions;
  • All Entrants must obey traffic control officers & personnel, and traffic control devices & signs, unless otherwise directed by an Official;
  • Do not cross through any cone lines. Some sections of the route are two-way cyclist traffic or will have runners on one side of the road and cyclists on the others. Think safety first and stay in your correct lane at all times.
  • Medical stations will be staffed along the course and at the finish line for basic first aid. Look for the red tents.
  • Restrooms are located throughout the bike tour course; look for these near the band sites, runner water stations, and medical stations.
  • All Entrants must read and know State bicycle laws, and must yield to emergency vehicles at all times, even if the road is closed;
  • All Entrants must ride the entire event on the bicycle they start on – changing bicycles is prohibited;
  • Be Predictable—Smooth, consistent riding is the key to ensuring everyone riding around you feels comfortable and that you are not a hazard to yourself or anyone else
  • All Entrants must verbally warn others when they overtake them – call out “Passing”, “your left”’, or “on your Left” (the simpler, the better);
  • Do NOT Overlap Wheels—Be cognizant of those around you and pay attention to the position of your front wheel vs. their back wheel
  • Entrants not on schedule to finish the event in the alloted timeframe will be stopped and transported to the Finish Line;
  • Rule Enforcement & Procedures: 1) Police, Event Officials, and Bike Patrol will identify any Entrant who violates traffic laws or Event rules for possible disciplinary action
  • Signal—Signal with your hands and/or voice so that everyone knows your intentions
  • Entrants are solely responsible for all their items of personal belongings. We cannot be responsible for any items of personal belongings whatsoever, whether lost, stolen, placed in our care, or misplaced.
  • Tandem Bikes, child trailers, training wheels, child seats, child bike extensions, or animals are prohibited. This is for safety of all riders and runners.
  • Headlights and flashing tail lights are highly recommended. The ride begins a few minutes before sunrise.
  • The ride will happen rain or shine.
  • Limited mechanical assistance will be provided before the race, on course, and at the finish line. Participants are highly encouraged to make sure their bike is tuned up with fresh tires and tubes. Please bring extra tubes, a patch kit, and a pump or CO2 inflation device with you during the ride.
  • Unauthorized/unregistered riders are legally not covered by the event.


Rock ‘n’ Roll Bike Tour Packet Pick-Up

  • Participants must attend the Health & Fitness Expo to pick up their race number, Official Participant T-shirt and gear bag.
  • You are not allowed to pickup for anyone else.
  • Photo IDs and Confirmation Sheet are required.
  • Race day packet pick-up is NOT available.

Bike Tour Parking

Participating cyclists are STRONGLY encouraged to park north of Civic Center Park/start line to avoid road closures and vehicle/runner participant traffic.  Cyclists should plan to park in the perimeter and ride to the start.  There is limited street parking in addition to several paid surface parking lot locations. 

 Bike Tour Community Sponsors

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