Nov 13-15 2015
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So You’re Running a Night Race

So you’ve signed up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas and you are pumped! It’s Vegas, it’s sexy, it’s at night – wait. IT’S AT NIGHT?! What was I thinking? All of my races have been in the morning, this is crazy!

Or maybe you haven’t signed up in which case you are thinking: It’s Vegas, it’s sexy, BUT it’s at night. What is this madness??

Fear not, we’re here to help. Running at night can be intimidating, not to mention you will be in Vegas. But hey, YOU’LL BE IN VEGAS! So here are a couple tips to keep in mind when prepping for this race that will ease your mind and make your body thank you:

  1. Watch Your Pacing
    We don’t have to tell you that running during the day is completely different from running at night. Your perception of your surroundings shifts in addition to how fast you think you are running. Also VEGAS, LIGHTS, ADRENALINE! So more than ever making sure you aren’t running too fast too soon and exhausting yourself is key. (Especially so you can make it to all the post-race parties.)
  2. Plan Your Eating Schedule
    A night race poses a unique challenge to timing your pre-race meals since most races are early morning. Here are some recommendations:
    • Breakfast: Eat something hearty and balanced – we advise you to skip the mimosa’s but hey, it’s VEGAS!
    • Lunch: About 4 hours prior to your race time eat a small meal that will sit well with your stomach. Happy Hour apps anyone?  Make sure to keep drinking….water!
    • Pre-Race: About 90 minutes to two hours prior to your race eat your last pre-race meal – the buffet awaits you post-race!
  3. Keep Your Mind Occupied.
    What’s unique about night racing is – you have all day to do things! None of this waking up at dark-thirty in the morning to shuffle to a start line. Plan out your day whether it’s seeing a show, hitting the spa, doing some shopping on The Strip, or enjoying some poolside cocktails.

For more in-depth advice from our friends at competitor running, get the full article: Proper Preparation For a Night Race

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