Oct 11 2014
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Meet the 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound & West Coast Chill Running Team

Over 50 Clevelanders have joined 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound and West Coast Chill Team! Listeners chose to run with The Black Mr. Rogers’ (aka Archie) Team for the mini-marathon or Lydia’s Team for the ½ marathon.

Meet a few of the 87.7 Team that will be running on October 6th!

lydia head shot

Half Marathon Team Leader – Lydia Puccini

Lydia Puccini hosts Afternoon Drive from 3PM to 7PM, Monday through Friday on 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound. She enjoys cats, singing in the car (especially to police officers when they pull up next to her), cats, all things that have to do with Bon Jovi, cats, checked vans, cats, writing fan mail to Billy Idol, cats and running in horribly tacky 1980’s unitards (similar to something David Lee Roth would wear). And, of course Lydia loves spinning jams at 87.7 and performing live music.  She can’t wait to run in her very first half-marathon – Cleveland’s Rock N’ Roll Marathon!

 See how Lydia has been preparing here.



Mini Marathon Team Leader – The Black Mr. Rogers (AKA Archie)

Archie hosts Morning Drive from 5:30AM to 9AM, Monday through Friday on 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound. Archie is a tall, thin and light skin, fried chicken and hot sauce eating, public transportation riding, clevelander born and raised. Standing at 6ft 2inches 155 lbs he has the body frame of a runner but only runs if he’s late catching the bus. His life is based on spreading as much love and positivity as he can before his time here on earth is up.

Watch Archie stretching it out here.




Mini Marathon Team Member- Kelly

Kelly Standish is a married mother of 4 and has two granddaughters – with one on the way! She loves to play tennis, manages a band and has run two marathons previously. But, after two back surgeries she is limited to the mini-marathon and is ready to kick some but on the 87.7 Team!