Oct 10 2015
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Sleepy’s Pre-Race Sleep Tips

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  1. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours before the race.
  2. Get your gear set out the night before the race. You’ve got enough to worry about, so don’t let stress about those details interfere with sleep. (P.S. It will also allow you to sleep the extra few minutes in the morning!)
  3. If you like a jolt of caffeine right before a race make sure that you avoid caffeine the day before the race. Caffeine jitters might keep you from getting the rest you need.
  4. Pre-race carb loading? Don’t go crazy! Going to bed on a very full stomach can impact your sleep. Start your carb loading two to three days before the race as you decrease your running in preparation for the race.

Chill out! Make sure your bedroom temperature is below 70 degrees (better at 65 to 68). We need a decrease in core body temperature to sleep, so this will help keep you asleep.

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