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Spreading the love of RNR at Big Boss Running Club

 Big Boss Run Club 3

“Raleigh, NC has one of the largest running communities in the Southeast and without going on record, probably the most Pub Runs in the Southeast as well.  Each night of the week Monday through Thursday you can find at least one if not two or three Pub / Brewery Runs.  It’s a way to meet people, socialize, run a few miles, enjoy a local brew and share a few laughs.  One of the more established Brewery Runs in Raleigh is the Big Boss Run Club that meets on Tuesday night at Big Boss Brewery; you’re able to run three to five miles and then enjoy a Big Boss Brewery Craft Beer.  On Tuesday – August 13th our Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassadors in Raleigh were invited to talk about the inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon & 1/2.  Beforehand the Group Leader helped us promote the run by posting information on their Facebook page, talking about Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series and hyping up the Raleigh race.  On this Tuesday night we were happy that it turned out to be one of their biggest group runs and many were excited to hear about the race, the LUCKY 13 savings and of course raffle prizes.  Before the run we talked about the race, how excited we were to be coming to Raleigh and the positive impact it would have on our city.  We also announced that after the run we’d be raffling off prizes and a FREE race entry.  Everyone was happy to receive a raffle ticket after the run and of course those who won were even happier.  Since this event we have continued our partnership with Big Boss Run Club; supporting each other in our separate endeavors.  We’re helping them by supporting their efforts of growing the club and their supporting our efforts to promote the Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon & Half Marathon.  It is our hope that these combined efforts will help make our event one of the BIGGEST inaugural races in Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series history.”—Ambassador of Rock, Kerry Seal