Jan 16-17 2016
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SRP: Invested in Green Energy

SRP always is looking for ways to invest in green energy and programs that help customers save electricity and money. With a goal to meet 20 percent of its expected retail energy requirements with sustainable resources by 2020, SRP has continued to pursue ways to increase its renewable resources while providing customers with incentives to save energy.

For example, last year SRP added 20 megawatts of green, renewable solar energy from Copper Crossing Solar Ranch in Florence and more recently added 19 megawatts from Queen Creek Solar Ranch to the utility’s mix of renewable energy generation. Together, the plants boast more than 180,000 photovoltaic modules mounted on single-axis tracking systems that follow the sun and provide power to more than 7,000 SRP customers. One of the biggest benefits is the fact that these solar plants don’t use water to generate energy – one of the most important factors for a power plant located in the desert.

On the energy-efficiency side, SRP continues to offer innovative and cost-effective ways for customers to save money on their electric bills. For instance, an easy way to save money would be to make the switch to CFL light bulbs, which use about 75 percent less energy and produce less heat than standard incandescent bulbs.

SRP customers stated that sustainable energy is important to them as long as it is affordable. To that end, SRP will continue to meet those expectations by searching for sustainable solutions that balance our environmental commitment with sound economics. Whether it’s solar energy, wind power, geothermal energy or energy efficiency, SRP will continue to add sustainable resources that will deliver economic and environmental benefits for our customers now and in the future.

For more information about our Sustainable Portfolio or SRP’s incentive programs, go to www.srpnet.com/spp or www.savewithsrp.com.


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