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Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Training Partners

Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran, achieve your goals with the help of a local training group. Programs include daily training plans, weekly group runs, lots of camaraderie and support and much more. Don’t train alone, register today!

Chicago Area Runners Association

Challenge yourself. Run farther or faster. Own the half marathon this summer.

If you can run four miles, you can do a half marathon and the Chicago Area Runners Association (CARA) can help! It’s true!  Join CARA’s Summer Half Marathon Training and receive:

  • Your personalized, day-by-day training plan for 12-weeks leading up to race day.
  • A group at YOUR pace! (Pace Groups from 7:30/mile to 12:00/mile, including Run/Walk)
  • Coaching from a USATF Certified Coach and Boston Qualifier.
  • Three weekly opportunities to run with your new training partners, including coached speed workouts.
  • Savings on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

Your first long run is Saturday, May 3rd with six different locations in the city and suburbs!

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Remaining healthy throughout your training is the key to crossing the finish line on race day. Here are some tips from AthletiCo, Official Orthopedic Rehabilitation Provider for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon.

Tips to Correct Overstriding
Overstriding is a common mistake that many recreational runners make. Overstriding results from the foot landing too far out in front of the runner as they make contact with the ground. The runner has no other choice but to land on the heel with their leg nearly straight in the extended position. The force of impact will travel up the skeletal system and result in an abundant force along the knee joint, which can result in injury. Read More

Tips to Avoid Overtraining
In addition to proper stretching, strengthening, nutrition, and a gradual increase in weekly mileage, it is important that runners understand that overtraining often leads to injury. Replacing one or two weekly runs with other aerobic activities, such as elliptical workouts, cycling, or swimming, will give your joints a break from repetitive impact and allow for continued cardiovascular improvement. Read More

Stretching 101
Stretching is an important part of training for any sport, but it is also useful for maintaining general flexibility for daily activities. There are different ways to stretch, from being very general to specific stretches for a specific activity. Regardless of how you stretch, the purpose of stretching is to lengthen soft tissue structures, thereby increasing range of motion.

These are a few stretching basics to know: Read More