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How to Pace Your Running for a Marathon or Half-Marathon

There are many different ways to race a successful marathon or half-marathon, but in my experience as a runner and a running coach, a surefire way to ruin one is by starting your race a lot faster than your goal race pace during the first few miles. The most common lament from runners who end…

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Race Day Tips for Marathon and Half-Marathons

  Routine rules on race day. The last thing you want the morning of your big day is an unexpected surprise. While things such as traffic or weather could throw you a curveball, do your best to replicate the “dress rehearsals” you’ve performed throughout the training cycle. Aim to rise at least 3 hours before…

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What to Do the Week Before Your Marathon or Half-Marathon

  It’s race week! This is an exciting time. The main goal of race-week workouts is to strike a balance between resting and keeping the ball rolling (if you’re not used to taking days off in training, now is not the time to start doing it!). The ultimate objective is to arrive at the starting…

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The Best Marathon and Half-Marathon Running Workouts

How to Warm Up for a Run For easy runs of 1 hour or less, simply walk briskly for at least 5 minutes. Then start out at a really slow jog for 5-10 minutes before progressing to your normal easy run pace. For runs 1 hour or more at easy or moderate pace, warm up…

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