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Food Pyramid for Runners & Athletes

The food pyramid has been in existence for decades – originally conceived by the United States Department of Agriculture to graphically represent what they consider to be a healthy daily intake of a variety of foods. While the food pyramid has evolved and subtly changed over the years, it is a fairly accurate representation of…

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How Exercise Can Help with Your Work-Life Balance

Large companies across the nation conduct annual surveys that aim to gauge employee engagement, satisfaction, and the general attitude toward the company. According to recent research, one factor of the overall work experience that is generally rated quite low today is that of work-life balance. Work-life balance refers to an employee’s ability to ideally prioritize…

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How to Find a Running Partner that is Mutually Beneficial

While running alone has its benefits – namely, the ability to set your own pace and avoid distractions or requirement to chitchat during the run, most runners find that it is more enjoyable, motivating, and rewarding to run with a partner. But how do you find a running partner who will do more than simply…

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Tips to Optimize Your Training Journey with Post Workout Recovery

By Nancy Clark, MS, RD, CSSD How you refuel for your recovery during marathon and half marathon training can make the difference in the way you feel and perform during your next workout. More than 20 studies support the benefits of recovering with the high-quality protein and nutrients in lowfat chocolate milk after a tough…

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Train With What’s on Course at Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series

Gatorade Endurance Formula is scientifically formulated to meet the specific needs of endurance athletes. It contains a five-electrolyte blend including nearly 2x the sodium and more than 3x the potassium compared to original Gatorade Thirst Quencher. Drink Gatorade Endurance Formula to help sustain hydration, maintain proper fluid balance and replace key electrolytes lost in sweat…

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