Oct 19 2014

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The Wild Feathers

Headliner Concert

Long before it got broken up into a million sub-genres, rock & roll was just rock & roll. Pure, true, organic. Six strings, booming harmonies and the call of the open road. It’s a singularly American tradition that Nashville’s The Wild Feathers are full-force dedicated to not only preserving but also – more importantly – evolving. Their sound melds the five unique voices of Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly, and Ben Dumas, taking inspiration from across the musical spectrum –country, blues, folk and rock – and spinning it into a roaring web of warm, cosmic melodies with vintage roots and modern tones.

The Wild Feathers are a rock band that feels impossibly fresh with the air of having been here all along. Ricky, Joel, Taylor and Preston were all lead singers before they came together as The Wild Feathers, fronting their own bands and writing songs with their own distinct sounds. All hailing from Texas with the exception of Joel (Oklahoma), each member grew up with a deep sense of southern musical traditions, while at the same time being raised on records like Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and Tom Petty. Their vision was of a group where each member is as indispensable as the next; a solid set of four, not just a front man backed by session players.While some of their influences come from deep in the 60’s and 70’s, they’re still thoroughly modern, fusing and evolving their pedal steel and Laurel Canyon harmonies rather than regurgitating and repackaging what’s already in existence. So it’s no surprise that they’re more likely to simply call themselves American than Americana.

Their 2013 debut album is a display of four unique talents effortlessly unified:bluesy, hard rock tunes like “Backwoods Company” live effortlessly next to harmonic stunners like “Hard Wind” and slow, folky love songs like “Tall Boots.” Songs like “Left My Woman,” allow Ricky, Joel and Taylor to sing a few solo bars each in the opening, before joining with Preston on the chorus. Visually, they are united, too – playing shows standing in a line straight across the stage, as one. “We make songs that I could never write on my own,” says Ricky, “even if I worked from now until I die. But with these guys and what they bring, it’s easy.” Adds Taylor, “we’re making something better than we could have ever done by ourselves.”

“Ricky and I wanted to do something with a bunch of singers, not just one lead,” Joel says. 

“To create something bigger than any one of us individually, and write great songs that last the test of time.”

“We like folk music, but we’re going to have a distortion pedal on when we do it.”

”What they make is modern rock & roll, laced with nostalgia, built for the new millennium. What they are is The Wild Feathers.”

Finish Line Festival

Celebrate your accomplishment with your friends and family at this FREE post-race concert!

Post-race Concert Schedule

8:00am – 10:15am: Bonnie and the Beard

10:30am – 10:45am: Awards Program

10:45am -12:00pm:  The Wild Feathers

12:15pm – 1:30pm: Patrick Dune Band

Bands on the Course

Music every mile makes up the heart and “sole” of this event. Live Denver bands will be performing a variety of music from alternative to classic rock, punk, funk and blues to jazz it up. The bands will keep the course pulsating as runners rock their way from start to finish!

Want to see who you will be rockin’ out to during the race?

Check out the Bands Along the Course

Spirit on the Course Competition

Attention Cheer teams and Dance Squads: We need you! High school and middle school cheer and dance teams are invited to participate in the Janus Rock ‘n’ Roll Denver Marathon & ½ Marathon’s Spirit on the Course! Cheer teams will line the course ready to encourage participants every step of the way. Costumes and themes are optional, smiles and enthusiasm are required. Cheer teams participating will not only be supporting the runners and walkers amazing efforts, but they will also be cheering to earn some money for their team!

Apply now!

Questions? Email: denvercheer@competitorgroup.com

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Health & Fitness Expo

Colorado Convention Center • Hall F

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Race Day

Marathon, Half,  2-Person Relay, 10K, & 5K: 7:15am
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