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November 13 - 15, 2015

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Everyone keeps talking about the #StripatNight, what is this madness that everyone is so excited about? Great question.

Running the Las Vegas Strip at Night is pretty much exactly what is sounds like. Running the Las Vegas Strip, AT NIGHT. But it’s also a whole weekend experience.

The excitement begins the day you register for the race

Then builds as you pack for your race weekend…even Meb gets excited!

The moment you arrive, you run this town.

Because you are running the night.

You kick off the weekend by hitting the town. Because, VEGAS.

Head on over to the Health & Fitness Expo where its all about getting you prepped and pumped for race day.

Lots of photo ops!

Because what you are about to do – is badass.

You want to be around the whole weekend, because there are some pretty sick parties.

And during race weekend, you’re a VIP

As if one epic night of running wasn’t enough…we kick it off with a 5k on Saturday night.

Everyone loves a little Remix Challenge!

No rest needed Saturday night, when your start time isn’t 7am!

Sunday morning – we shut it down just for you.

Fun fact:

Flat runner, check.

Start line selfie, check,

Pre-race concert, check,

More selfies…check!




Obligatory Vegas Sign photo.

Perhaps get married at the Run Thru Wedding. It is Vegas after all.

Runners take over the Las Vegas Strip at night

You’re totally doing it!

Elvis awaits you with a high five at that epic finish line.


Cheers to you. You made it!

Bask in all your bling glory.

After you’ve run all night…

…party ‘til dawn.

This isn’t your average race weekend.


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Registration opens spring 2015, sign up for a registration open reminder below!

2015 Registration Open Reminder

Health & Fitness Expo

For two days, over 100 exhibitors will offer free samples, showcase the latest in running gear, sports apparel, health & nutritional information and much more. Pick up some last-minute race essentials before race day and be sure to visit the Brooks Official Merchandise Store.

**All runners must visit the expo to pick up their

race number, gear bag and t-shirt.**


November 13 – 14, 2015


Las Vegas Convention Center [map]

Things To Do in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for miles and miles of excitement, Las Vegas is the place! Along with the thrills of the Rock ’n’ Marathon, you can run straight for the world-class dining, shopping, golf, spas and shows that you’ll only find in the Entertainment Capital of the World.


Get out and explore!

See Las Vegas like you never have before as you zoom between two towers from 400 feet in the air with the new VooDoo Zipline at the Rio All-Suite Hotel. You can also enjoy recreational cycling surrounded by the gorgeous sandstone of Red Rock Canyon or take a spin on the High Roller observation wheel on the Strip at The LINQ.


Work Up an Appetite!

You’re sure to work up quite an appetite, but don’t worry. You can always fill up on celebrity-chef-owned gourmet restaurants that can please any palate. Looking for Italian cusine? Take your pick — join us at Carmine’s, the Official Pasta Party Location or dine on the patio at Giada – The Restaurant at The Cromwell and choose from a menu of Italian cuisine with refreshing California. A few doors down on the Strip at The Quad, you’ll be in Flavortown at Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar. Fieri’s menu features a delicious blend of casual foods including an extensive variety of burgers, wings, tacos, small bites and shareable food items.


If you’re a steak lover, several celebrity chefs have steakhouses in Las Vegas, including Tom Colicchio’s Craftsteak at MGM Grand, Charlie Palmer Steak at Four Seasons Las Vegas, CUT by Wolfgang Puck at The Palazzo and The Country Club at Wynn Las Vegas.


Then it’s showtime!

From the aquatic acrobatics of Le Rêve – The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas to the voice and puppet wizardry of Terry Fator at The Mirage, there’s a show in Las Vegas for everyone. Several shows have made the leap from Broadway to Las Vegas Boulevard. See the acclaimed Jersey Boys, the tale of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons, at Paris Las Vegas or celebrate the music of the ’80s with Rock of Ages at The Venetian.


After the race, relax and rejuvenate at one of Las Vegas’ luxury spas!

The Spa at Red Rock offers a Swedish massage that’s sure to soothe. Drift Spa at Palms Place features couples treatment rooms with private gardens. Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian offers gracious, tranquil gathering places and a European-style thermal treatment suite and for a sensuous spa sanctuary, check out ESPA at Vdara.


The fun begins once you reach the finish line, so plan your visit to Las Vegas today!



Las Vegas Image


Thank You Race Crew!

Thank you to all of the outstanding community groups, teams, schools and generous individuals for your incredible support and dedication throughout the weekend as thousands of runners and walkers took part in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon to benefit the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America!  We hope you enjoyed your experience – we could not have done it without you!

Contact the Volunteer Department

Where to Stay

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series partners with select hotels in Las Vegas to offer you and your family discounts an opportunity to stay with your fellow runners. More information on 2015 hotels coming soon!

Headquarter Hotels


(702) 414-1000 or (866) 659-9643

Distance from:

Start Line: 2 Miles • Finish Line: 1/2 Mile • Expo: 1.7 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 1.8 Miles

Discounted Rates:

$249.00 Single/Double

Official Hotels


(702) 836-5936

Distance from:

Start Line: 1.8 Miles • Finish Line: 1 Mile • Expo: 1.8 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 2.2 Miles

Discounted Rates:

Standard Group Rate: $145.00


(702) 761-7000

Distance from:

Start Line: 4 Miles • Finish Line: 1.8 Miles • Expo: 1.2 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 0.5 Miles

Discounted Rates:

Midweek Rates: $79.00/$109.00 Weekend Rates: $99.00/$129.00


(702) 698-7575

Distance from:

Start Line: 1.5 Miles • Finish Line: 0.8 Miles • Expo: 2.3 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 2.7 Miles

Discounted Rates:

City Room: $189.00 Sunday - Thursday and $209.00 Friday and Saturday Terrace Studio: $209.00 Sunday - Thursday and $229.00 Friday and Saturday


(702) 380-7777

Distance from:

Start Line: 5.4 Miles • Finish Line: 2.3 Miles • Expo: 1.2 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 1 Mile

Discounted Rates:

Thursday and Monday Night Rates: $30.00 Friday Rates: $74.00 Saturday Rates: $99.00 Sunday Rates: $49.00


(702) 739-2222 or (800) GO2-TROP

Distance from:

Start Line: 1 Mile • Finish Line: 1.5 Miles • Expo: 2.9 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 3.4 Miles

Discounted Rates:

Thursday/Monday Rates: $74.00 Single/Double Friday/Saturday/Sunday Rates: $104.00 Single/Double


(800) 635-7711

Distance from:

Start Line: 4 Miles • Finish Line: 2 Miles • Expo: 0.5 Miles • 5K Finish/Start: 1 Mile

Discounted Rates:

$109.00 Single/Double


The action never stops in Las Vegas, a proud sponsor of the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon. The city is home to exquisite dining, fabulous shopping, unparalleled entertainment, lavish spas and more. Discover why Vegas really is in a league by itself.




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Taking the right kind of fuel is critical to an endurance athletes’ success. Get ready for race day by reviewing hydration tips from Gatorade below or learn more at

Hydration Tips for Endurance Athletes

  • Endurance athletes, especially when training or racing >2h or those who have high sweat losses, should replace both fluid and sodium during exercise. To estimate if you are a “salty sweater,” look for white residue on dark colored clothing after a training session
  • Know your sweat rate to customize a plan to meet your unique needs
  • You should determine your individual sweat rate and consume fluids with sodium to minimize body weight changes during training and racing. To determine your sweat rate, measure body weight before and after a training session in the same environment as the race and keep track of all the fluid consumed. A rough estimate of sweat rate can be obtained by using the following equation: Sweat Rate (L/h) = (weight loss – fluid intake (L))/exercise time (hours) An automated calculator is available here at the Gatorade Sports Science Institutes Website.
  • Answering “yes” to any of these questions may indicate inadequate hydration: Am I thirsty? Is my urine a dark yellow color? Is my body weight noticeably lower than yesterday?
  • You should be sure to drink enough fluid to prevent dehydration without over-drinking. Dehydration may strain the cardiovascular system and increases body temperature, which increases the risk of heat illness. However, endurance athletes who over-drink in relation to sweating could be at risk for a rare but very serious condition called hyponatremia (low blood sodium concentration). Consuming beverages with sodium during training and racing may help maintain blood sodium levels.
  • Mix and match products to find the right combination of solids and fluids to meet both your carbohydrate and fluid needs

Jeukendrup A. (2011). Nutrition for endurance sports: marathon, triathlon, and road cycling. Journal of Sports Sciences, 29 Suppl 1, S91-99.

Recommended Carbohydrate Intake During Exercise

Duration Carbohydrate Amount Notes
< 30 Minutes None Required
30-75 Minutes Very Small Amounts Mouthrinse appropriate
1-2.5 Hours 30-60 g/h Rapidly used sources such as sucrose, glucose, and maltodextrin
> 2.5-3 Hours Up to 90 g/h Use a blend of glucose & fructose
  • Use sports drinks to provide fluid and electrolytes
  • It is possible to train the gut! If you are currently consuming less than the recommendations, try to gradually increase intake during training to reach recommended levels.
  • Practice your race strategy in training and make sure you can tolerate your race nutrition without problems


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