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Beer in Europe




There are many reasons why you should visit Europe, and one of those is beer. For all of you beer connoisseurs out there, our events across Europe happen to take place in some of the continent’s finest brewing countries.


Spain is a country often misunderstood by the masses when it comes to beer. Two very important tips to remember when you go drinking in the Spanish capital are:

1) Avoid San Miguel

 2) Avoid Cruzcampo.

These two beers are gassy, and rather unpleasant.

Instead sample the delectable Mahou Clásica – which should be available in most bars around Madrid – and Estrella Damm which is a tasty, light lager readily found in most supermarkets.


Beer in Portugal has a long history going as far back as the time of the ancient Roman province of Lusitania, where beer was commonly made and drunk. Portugal is among the 11 largest beer producers in Europe, and is the 7th largest European exporter of the producer.

Sagres is one of Portugal’s most popular brands, brewed in Lisbon. It’s a pale lager made with a selection of natural hops and, malt and cereals. The beverage has a smooth and rich texture, with a dry and slightly fruity taste. Not to be missed.

Super Bock is another interesting beer, of the very dark kind. The beverage sports a thick creamy head with a scent hinting of coffee and fruit. Its taste is both fresh and fruity, and has a thick texture. 


Lastly, England is well known for being a lager loving country. Liverpool in particular has a range of delightful tasting ales. We recommend sampling the Liverpool Organic Brewery’s Pale Ale which comes on tap, and making a visit to the Cains Brewery Tap on Stanhope Street, where you can get the full range of Robert Cain’s award winning draught, bottled and canned ales.