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Q&A with Brandy Vaillancourt, Founder of RaceKids

Q. How did you come up with the idea to create RaceKids?

A. I was getting ready to run the Chicago Marathon and my son who is a big hockey fan begged to come with me to see the home of the Chicago Blackhawks. I started researching daycares in the area to watch him while I raced and started getting nervous because I realized I did not know the area or who would be watching my son. I eventually put the search to rest but then it hit me, there had to be a race that had a day camp service. I looked again and found nothing that’s when I started brainstorming. I decided to create a race day camp for kids so parents could run knowing their children were in safe hands.

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Coffee – Friends – & Rock ‘n’ Roll… “Oh My”!

I remember falling into the seat of the airplane exhausted after working and packing a suitcase that would last me until the end of July.  That’s when the excitement and anticipation to see my friends set in. I enjoyed meeting all the athletes on my flight traveling to “Rock” the streets of Seattle. The Seattle/Tacoma airport has cool art exhibits in their concourses and…

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10 years ago today…

  Where were you 10 years ago today? I can remember where I was like it was yesterday.  10 years ago today, I ran my 4th marathon at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Going into the race, I had the 39th fastest marathon personal best in the field of 101 of the top…

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Meet Erica Hulings | Denver Legacy Runner

Ever wonder who’s standing next to you in your corral at the start line, or cheering you on when you’re about to give up during a race? As runners we all have a story, a motivation to run whether it’s a personal challenge, to stay fit, bond with friends, raise money for charity, or work…

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Meb’s 1:30 Pace Group | Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon

Meet the runners who ran with Meb’s 1:30 half marathon pace group at the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Half Marathon on June 1, 2014. Click on the runner images above to read their full stories. Sara Gibson Patrick Gavin Russell Friedberg David Yemaneab Michael Flowers Matthew Amick Sean Smith Sara Gibson |Meb coached…

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Meb Keflezighi Dines with President Obama & World Leaders at the White House

Meb & wife Yordanos pictured with Secretary of State John Kerry Shortly after winning the 2014 Boston Marathon, Meb Keflezighi received a call from President Barack Obama congratulating him on a job well done. Never did he imagine that he would receive a formal invitation to have dinner at the White House. Meb and his wife Yordanos were…

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5 Tips for Your Marathon or Half-Marathon Race Week

Whether you’re a first time runner or seasoned marathon runner, when it comes to race week, you want to be prepared either way. The following 5 tips are simple reminders of things to be aware of to ensure you have the best marathon or half marathon experience.   1. How to Calm Pre-Race Nerves Relax!…

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5 Warning Signs of Dehydration

Dehydration is something that can really sneak up on you, especially if you’re not aware of what you’ve been drinking and the type of activity you’re participating in. Here are some simple warning signs of dehydration and how you can best prevent these symptoms before they happen. Dizziness and confusion. Feeling “woozy,” dizzy, or confused…

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